Fun Friday – Dancing with the . . .

Caridad and Big John at the Ellora's Cave party at RTThis Fun Friday is all about dancing! That’s me and Big John, tripping the light fantastic at the Ellora’s Cave party at RT. Well, at least I’m trying to dance since unfortunately, I’m a Cuban who can’t shake her booty. I can just about keep the rhythm of the beat and maybe do a little move now and then.

I guess that’s why I secretly have watched Dancing with the Stars off and on. I really admire people who can dance. My mom and dad could really dance and as a kid I’d sit on the stairs and watch them during a party when I should have been in bed. They were so graceful and enjoyed it so much.

How about you? Can you shake your booty or move your groove thing (that is about dancing, right? Vertical dancing, correct?)Don’t know what kind of dancing you do?

Well then, check out this very funny take on the Evolution of Dance from Judson Laipply! Watch and try to think about how many of these evolutionary phases you’ve danced through in your life.

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Dancing with the . . .”

  1. My hubby also has two left feet but blessedly, my daughter inherited her grandparent’s dancing skills! El Rey del Valse. How nice to be able to dance like that.

  2. Honey was blessed with two left feet when it comes to the dance floor! LOL!
    I have over the years been able to teach him enough to get us by fairly well when
    it comes to dancing. I’m from a family that’s big on dancing and booty shaking! We get this from our parents – our Dad’s nickname was “El rey de la valse” in his younger days. I’m told that people used
    to clear the floor to watch he and Mother dance!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Swing dancer! That sounds interesting. As a kid I used to love square dancing because it made sense and I could follow it. You might say I’m a square at heart and you’d be right.

  4. I didn’t watch the video yet (I’m at work, wouldn’t be prudent) but I can say that one of the gals from my local chapter was also at RT (Marianne Oliva aka Stephens who writes for EC and Cerridwen). She took some great pictures with the EC fellas and I have to say. Big John does have some excellent qualifications.

    Once upon a time I was a swing-dancer (western) of some skill. Unfortunately my Steve doesn’t share that interest so I believe my dancing career is probably over.

  5. Absolutely nothing sadder than watching a man who can’t dance try to dance. Absolutely nothing sadder….

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