Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jason Taylor

Desktop Wallpaper from Jason's Official WebsiteHe can play football and he can dance! What more can you ask? Well, he’s damn sexy as well!

Today’s Guilty Pleasure is Jason Taylor and if you like today’s picture, you can get it for your desktop at Jason’s site by clicking here.

Jason plays for the Miami Dolphins although there’s a lot of conjecture on ESPN and other sports networks as to whether he’ll be back with the Dolphins this year. Regardless, we’re lucky to be seeing him on Dancing with the Stars. Here’s a widget for you so you can keep track of Jason and what’s up on Dancing with the Stars.

0 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jason Taylor”

  1. LOL! I didn’t watch last night since I was engrossed in BONES and HOUSE. I’ve got it taped though.

    He is really handsome and a pretty good dancer.

  2. This is so funny! We were out of the house
    to doctor appointments today so I am only now getting to all my blog favorites. Guess
    what I’m watching as I blog! You are right,
    it’s Dancing With The Stars! I love all of the
    finalists, but Jason might just be a tiny bit
    better than the others!! Ouch! The views
    of the judges on his samba tonight – not
    quite top of the line!!

    Pat Cochran

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