Thoughtful Thursday – Is your child BiMetro?

As a parent, there’s lots of challenges you face, some more difficult than others. Recently, I’ve been dealing with the fact that my child has gone Bimetro. What’s Bimetro you may ask? I think pictures explain it better than words right now.

Here we are last year during happier times namely, before the most momentous collapse in baseball history.

In our happier Pre-Messup Mets Days!
Future Mrs. Wright

Here she is, my child, in the Bimetro phase!
I'm sorry, but Chase Utley's kinda cute!Philly Fanatic

Need I say anything more? Have you, too, suffered through this Bimetro phase with one of your children? Do they have one foot planted at home and another in a different city, their loyalties so brutally divided? VBG!

Have you suffered through this Bimetro phase yourself? Torn between loyalties? It’s okay to come clean now that we’ve gotten this syndrome out in the open.