Thoughtful Thursday – Random Thoughts and a Psychic

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtSo I spent a great deal of time thinking about what today’s Thoughtful Thursday would be about, but couldn’t get a single thought to take shape in my brain.

Why? Too many random thoughts, muddling around in there. I’m sure you’ve had those kinds of days.

You start the day thinking about all that you have to do at work/home/school and soon you may be wondering why it’s so important to do all those things at work/home/school especially when in the scheme of life, most are relatively unimportant (hence the picture of the seagull on the thinker sculpture. Puts things in perspective).

Of course, that thought about unimportant things and perspective just lead me to thinking about the RT Convention I just attended and how my friends convinced me to go to a psychic for a reading. Two psychics actually, but we’ll talk about the first one. This young woman was only using Tarot Cards to do a reading and I confess, I’m a skeptic about things like this in general, but it turned out to be rather interesting.

She asked me to shuffle the deck and I did.

She asked me to pick three cards and I did.

She asked me to flip them over and I did — one stood for discipline, another for relaxation and the third for joy.

She told me the first told her that I was always the kind to do things without being told. That I was self-motivated and controlled. I am.

The second card told her that I needed to learn to relax and let go of things. I do.

The last card told her that once I could do that, I would find joy. I hope I will.

We went on and did a few more cards, bringing up cards about children and friendship. She asked me if I had children, but also said that if I did, I had a very good relationship with them. Since my daughter’s my best friend, I would say that’s pretty accurate.

We did a few more cards and it was interesting. More talk about indecision about something that was upcoming, getting past a hurdle, etc. Could I find things in my life that applied to those cards? Yep, I could.

So, for someone who is normally a skeptic, I was impressed with my encounter with this one young woman. It was interesting and it was fun.

It gave me something to think about — and write about — not to mention, it reminded me that all those things that seem so important at times, aren’t as important as family, health and love.

Now those are the things to really be thinking about!