Thoughtful Thursday – Cliffhangers, Character Assassinations and Continuity

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Clip ArtAs you may have realized by now, I am a TV junkie and so today’s Thoughtful Thursday is about some happenings in my favorite shows and the cliffhangers and character assassinations that effect the continuity of those shows.

For starters —

STOP IF YOU WATCH NCIS, BONES OR CRIMINAL MINDS and haven’t seen the season finales. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS in this post!!

Okay, you’ve been warned . . .

I’m watching the two part NCIS and never saw it coming. A good thing I guess, except . . . Did we ever have a clue before the show the other night that Jenny Shepard was dying from some kind of wasting disease? Did I sleep through that (my family will likely say YES!) Truly character assassination and I will miss Lauren Holly because romantic optimist that I am, I kept on hoping her and Gibbs would reunite.

But if that wasn’t enough (especially after they killed off the other female agent a few years back just when it was getting good with DiNozzo), they end the show by transferring out all of the major characters. HUH?? They pulled a HOUSE?

I didn’t much care for it in HOUSE when we lost most of the regular cast that we had grown to know. I’m not sure how NCIS will start off the next season, but it would sure be damned disappointing if we didn’t have Ziva, Dinozzo and McGee back as regulars because without them, the show is losing continuity much like HOUSE lost continuity. To be honest, HOUSE used to be a do not miss and now, I have a backload of DVR’d episodes to watch since I lost interest with some of these new characters.

In CRIMINAL MINDS, the show ends with each of the characters getting into the similar black Suburban SUVs and then fade to a shot of one of them blowing up! So who is dead? Who knows? Will it be the newly pregnant and about to be happy one, the dour one, the quirky one . . . You get it (Sorry, but I tend to forget their names on this show. Maybe not a good thing).

I wonder why the writers feel they need to do these shake-ups? Do they assume the fans don’t want continuity? Do they think the show needs some new blood?

One of the things I admired most about Buffy was how in general, the characters grew with each show and season. We learned more and more about their strengths and weaknesses. What led them to where they are and how they will take that knowledge and move forward with it — in their careers and their lives.

With new characters we don’t get that. We lose all continuity and all the time we’ve invested in these characters (not much different from books and series in print).

BONES at least has seemed to strike a better note with its season finale. We lost a favorite and yet that loss will certainly prompt the other characters to reconsider not only what they knew about him, but about themselves. Already Hodgins is questioning how his actions may have led a friend astray. Bones is wondering what she gave Zak and maybe will wonder how much she gives of herself to others (I hope). The relationship with Bones and Seeley has certainly progressed, making all of us romantic optimists salivate at what will come next season.

Now that’s what I call a good cliffhanger!

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