From my friend Beth W. – Help Save Moonlight

If you enjoy the show Moonlight, you should know that CBS has cancelled the show! Fans like me are totally bummed! BUT, there is a chance that another network could pick it up, particularly with fan support. So if you love this show as much as I do, please contact the TV networks listed below. To make it easy, I%u2019ve even written a letter, listed below%u2014it%u2019s available for your use. I%u2019d recommend changing it up a LITTLE bit so all the emails don%u2019t look exactly the same. And also add your real name, age, gender, city & state to the end because TV execs LOVE demographic info!!!

Now GO and E-MAIL!!!!!! Thanks!

CW CW’s Chief Operating Officer.

Here’s the link to the message board at the CW. People should register and make a post requesting that the CW pick up Moonlight. … ost5159922


USA Network

Call the NBC switchboard at 212-664-4444, and ask to leave a message on the USA Network Viewer Hotline. Then call back and ask to leave a message on the Sci-Fi Channel Viewer Hotline.


I am writing to ask that you consider adding an excellent show, Moonlight, formerly of the CBS Friday night lineup, to your programming schedule. Here are several great reasons to do so:

1. Although it was scheduled for Fridays at 9 pm, a traditionally “dead” day/time slot, Moonlight has consistently won its demographic and helped CBS win Friday nights.

2. Moonlight retained its audience despite the writers’ strike hiatus, achieving almost identical ratings as soon as it returned to the air with new episodes.

3. Moonlight’s viewers have proved to be extremely loyal, so your network could count on these viewers to follow Moonlight directly to your station, which would make it one of your highest rated shows, immediately.

4. Moonlight offers something for everyone: drama, action, romance, horror/scifi, mystery, etc. This means that with a decent day/time slot and a little promotion, your audience for the show could grow substantially.

5. Moonlight’s fanbase has consistently helped add to the show’s publicity–winning the show a People’s choice award and putting Alex O’Loughlin’s face and body into TV Guide’s sexiest stars issue. Moonlight fans have also helped the show get heaps of online promotion.

6. Moonlight’s cast is totally hot, giving the show serious sex appeal for the younger audience. If the show were to have a better time slot instead of being on Friday nights, when young people are traditionally out on the town, this audience could grow.

7. The show’s lead actor, Alex O’Loughlin is talented, handsome and hunky. He is truly a rising star and women love him! Some of the supporting actors are pretty easy on the eye, too. The hunk factor alone could convince additional viewers to tune in, even if they wouldn’t ordinarily choose the vampire genre.

8. The show has already been developed, cast, promoted, etc. It’s yours for the taking. (or the negotiating.)

I could go on forever, but I think that’s enough of an argument for now.

Please pick up this truly exceptional and engaging program. You will win our loyal fandom forever!

Thanks for the info, Beth! Good luck with saving the program.

5 thoughts on “From my friend Beth W. – Help Save Moonlight”

  1. yea and the fact that cbs has never really advertised Moonlight.I love Moonlight and will fight for this program and anything like it!

  2. LOL! Thanks, Karin. Hubby and I have the same problem — too many shows to tape! Plus, there was the strike which messed up the timing of so many shows and left us with short seasons. Quite a problem.

  3. Cari, I am on this and will be passing all the information to friends that love Moonlight and we will be writing all of the above. Another show I loved was “New Amsterdam” and they also got axed. Luckily “Reaper” was saved and it will come back next season.

  4. I think the problem with Moonlight is that there were so many new shows this year that it never got a chance. We can only tape two shows at a time and many nights thereare three or more that we want to copy – when we aren’t hme. Of course, the ones that I like and the ones that my husband likes aren’t always the same – hence the multiple tapings! :>)
    Now when the Skull Sisters comes on there will be no discussion about what we watch!

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