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I’ve got a very Wicked Wednesdary for you courtesy of my friend and fellow author, Amie Stuart. Amie’s latest release, NAILED, is now available from the Aphrodisia Erotic Romance line.

Leave a comment on the blog to win a special prize! Without further ado, here’s Amie!

First off, thanks so much to Caridad for inviting me to come and play on Wicked Wednesday!!!

NAILED was quite an adventure to write, in more ways than one. I came up with a ballsy woman on the run and a reluctant hero who just happened to be the black sheep of his family because he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and become…a hitman, added a psycho-cat, a few outrageous neighbors and mixed well.

One of my favorite types of sex scenes to write is Turning-Point Sex…that scene that comes just after your hero or heroine has learned their life is never going to be the same again, as is the case with my heroine Bonnie below. She’s just talked to her estranged sister, who thought she was dead and….well anything else would be spoilers!

(FYI: Clyde is the psycho-cat and Bonnie has a love/hate relationship with him that any cat lover can appreciate).

Late Night

As resident fix-it girl for an apartment complex in a tiny Texas town, Bonnie James makes enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side. She likes checking out the other tenants and sometimes indulges in her own sexual fantasies by watching them late at night. It’s exciting, it’s erotic, and it always leaves her ready and willing for more…

Turn On

When you’re a bounty hunter, late night stake-outs are part of the job. So Wynn Collier should be concentrating on his own business, not watching a Peeping Tom with the sweetest body west of the Mississippi. But he’s a hot-blooded male on a hot Texas night and he can’t resist the chance to investigate every one of her delectable curves…


Talking to Lisa had been harder than I expected and all I wanted was to get away from Wynn, to be alone, to feel a little normal again, even though deep down inside I knew my life hadn’t been normal for a very long time. After he dropped me off, I headed up to my own apartment and sank into the couch, forcing an unhappy Clyde on my lap.

He scowled up at me, blinking those ugly yellow eyes, then turned to lick his shoulder. Don’t ask me how I knew it was a scowl. I just knew.

Eventually he worked his way free, sprawled on the carpet and proceeded to clean his privates.

“Eww.” I lurched to my feet and stepped outside. Sleep would be a long time coming and a walk was in order. At least that might make me feel slightly normal.

Downstairs, Tara was splashing around in the pool with her latest hoochie-boy. They changed as often as she changed her nail color, which was often. “Hey Bonnie, wanna join us?”

I wandered over to the security fence and leaned against it. Her “friend” was cute. I had to give it to her, Tara had good taste in men. “What happened to What’s-His-Name?”

“I got a new What’s-His-Name!”

And apparently lost her bikini top again. With a shake of my head at the sight of her B-cups, I turned away, ready to go for my walk when Wynn appeared at the top of the stairs. I slowly circled the pool and met him at the bottom.

“If you want to be alone, just say so.”

“I’m good.” I considered kicking him for being so damned understanding. Instead, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and headed for the walkway between the apartments.

“So, who we watching tonight?”

I shushed him, then silently dragged him down the walkway to the parking lot. “Darcy’s husband is home,” I whispered.

“So that guy you were watching her with?”

“Brad, the town mechanic.”

“Has he ever changed your oil?”

“Jealous?” I laughed.

“No way.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. There was something comforting and familiar in it, something I hadn’t had in a long time.

“Will I ever have a normal life again?” I asked as we walked.

“Sure you will. Soon as this is all over, you can relocate someplace nice like Brazil—”

“Fuck you!” I said, shoving my elbow in his side. “I don’t speak Portuguese.”

“Ouch! I thought they spoke Spanish.”

“That’s what you get for thinking. It’s Portuguese, baby.”

“Who we peeping on tonight?”

“Nobody! Now keep your voice down.”

“Why do you spy on people?”

“Euh!” With a curl of my lips I looked him up and down. “Why are you a thug?”

“Kaylee and Tan had another fight.”

What?! Was he trying to tempt me with gossip or something? “I know. It’s a really small complex in case you didn’t notice.”

“You could slip him a note and tell him who she’s cheating with.”

“That’s mean. And Tan’s a nice guy, so no way—“ I shook a finger in his direction, “—and don’t you either! When’s your furniture going to get here?”

“Mom said tomorrow.”

“So your mom really did send you your stuff?”

“Some of it. Obviously, I’m not really planning on staying here any amount of time.”

“Aw now. Cielo’s not so bad when you get used to it.”

“Not exactly my idea of a good time either. I’ve got a house in Dallas already, but I’m not there much. Work keeps me on the road a lot. I promise not to trash the place but I guess I can kiss my deposit good-bye.” He grinned at me, his teeth gleaming in the moonlight.

My belly did a funny little flip-flop thing brought on from more than an overindulgence in ice cream. Let’s not get carried away though, Wynn was the closest thing I’d had to a real friend in three years, and he got paid to beat people up—or whatever. Not exactly Nobel Peace Prize material. But I was feeling, off-kilter to say the least.

Sue me for feeling vulnerable. I was tired mentally, physically, emotionally. After everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours, after three years of living a lie.

At least with Wynn I knew where I stood. At least with Wynn there was no pretense. I turned to stand in front of him and let my hands glide up the length of his chest to circle his neck.

His head dipped ever so slightly, then he whispered, “This is a very bad idea.”

“I know.”

He gently pushed my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ears. “You sure?”

A nod would just have to do. Thanks to the lump in my throat, I couldn’t speak. I buried my face in the softness of his shirt, inhaling the woodsy scent of his cologne, his warmth and maybe even a bit of his strength, and gave in.

He silently led me to his apartment, and slowly undressed me. It was the first time since losing all that weight I felt shy around a man, afraid to speak, out of my element. Afraid if I spoke, the reality of what we were doing would be too much.

We stretched out on the air mattress both of us laughing softly at the silliness of it, then we were touching each other, communicating silently. Kissing softly. Wynn’s tongue gently exploring my mouth, teasing me, warming me, his fingers between my thighs, gently stroking me . . .

LOL! Yes, I’m a tease for leaving you there, but be sure to visit Amie’s website at www.amiestuart.com to read some more of NAILED.

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  1. Congrats to JENNA! You’ve won an autographed copy of Nailed. Please send me your snail mail address at amie at amiestuart.com

    Thanks again everyone!

  2. Hi, Amie,
    I’m only stopping long enough to let you
    know that I VERY MUCH enjoyed the
    excerpt! Now I’ll make my way to your
    website to see if I can locate more of
    that super story! Thanks for joining us
    here today!!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Enjoyed the comments. I have yet to read an Amie Stuart book but I have added hedr name to my TBR list.

  4. ‘Bout time Clyde got his due (grumble, grumble).

    Just popping in to say hi, and great excerpt.
    I love the peeping, lol.

  5. Well you definitely have this cat by her tale!!! Great excerpt… you have my attention and I am veeeeery curious about the rest of the book!!! 😉 Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Karin I’m dying over your cat! They are crazy–and definitely own us. I think it’s lovely that you’ve kept her in the family.

    Clyde…the real Clyde, was actually the neighbors cat. Now I’m stone blind without my glasses and one morning I open the back door to let OUR cat in and think, “Gee his tail sure is fluffy today.”
    Then I call my son out and son says, “Mom, that’s not Rowdy.”
    And I’m like, “Yes it is…omg no it’s NOT! I let a strange cat in our house!”

    Well that was the beginning of a short but fiery love affair with Clyde. We adored him and let him sleep over whenever he wanted. Sadly the neighbors weren’t the best pet owners and Clyde eventually ran away.

    We (still) have three cats and I got a puppy from the pound last weekend *sigh* what was I thinking?

  7. Ladies I’m glad you enjoyed it! By the way, I’ll be giving away a copy of Nailed toward the end of the day!

    Fanny….I love all the funny parts and pieces that can come together and make a book. And hugs to you!

  8. Yes, I am teased. BUT, it was Clyde who got me! My psycho cat is on my lap begging for a scratch. When I initiate the scratch, she hisses and bites! She was our daughters cat until college – no cats allowed. Then she was our cat and then my mother’s until she passed away this February. Now she is ours again and still has the same personality she had 13 years ago! Would you like her for inspiration???? I have to get over to amiestuart.com and don’t have time to pet said cat!

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  10. Thanks for visiting Amie. The excerpt is really good. Looking forward to the book. It always amazes me that authors can come up with story ideas for book after book. I couldn’t do it because I’d have one idea and then blanks. You authors truly are very special people.Thanks for all you do. Hugs.

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