Tuesday Tip – Beating the Heat

poolbuns2.jpgWe’re having record temperatures in the NY/NJ area and coupled with the high humidity, it’s a killer. Literally.

So here’s some tips for beating the heat.

1. Find a nice pool, signal the cabana boy for a mojito and just relax. Preferably a cabana boy with buns like our friend here!

Of course, if that’s not possible, here’s some other tips for beating the heat:

2. Keep hydrated, preferably with water. Make sure that whatever water you take in is in keeping with any medical conditions you may have.

3. Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeine. I know, no fun, but all of these things will actually dehydrate you as they will draw fluids from your body.

4. Stay indoors, preferably somewhere with air conditioning. The CDC recommends that if you don’t have AC, visit a mall or some other area that does, even if only for a few hours.

5. Take a cool shower or bath.

6. Light-weight, light-colored, loose fitting clothing is the best thing for a hot day.

7. Stay in shady areas and if you can’t, wear a hat to keep the worst of the heat off your head.

8. If you need to work outside, do it in the early morning or late afternoon hours after the worst of the heat is done.

9. Make your drinks cool, but not too cold as anything too cold can cause stomach cramps.

10. Find that pool and the cabana boy again. Although he may create a different kind of heat you have to deal with!

Stay safe and cool everyone!