Thoughtful Thursday – Summer Colds

sick.jpgWhy is it that summer colds are always worse than winter colds? Or does it only feel that way ’cause you’re stuck in bed when the weather outside is gorgeous?

I started feeling sick on Monday. By Tuesday my throat and ear were aching and by Wednesday — I could barely talk. A good thing some might say. I pampered myself as best as I could and rested.

Today I’m feeling a little better, but not 100%. Still, there’s work and deadlines and so I trudged in to the office to handle things.

How are you with summer colds? Get them often? Find they last longer or just feel that way?

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Summer Colds”

  1. I am so sorry you are not feeling well.Any cold is bad news but we just think we feel worse in the summer. Or I do anyway. Hope tomorrow finds you feeling much better. If I could, I’d bring Chicken soup and a hot toddy with honey and lemon. Always makes me feel better. Could just be the alcohol. LOL. Have a good night and a long distance hug. Feel better.

  2. I’m so sorry that you not feeling well! Summer colds seem worse to me, but it just
    could be an illusion! Get well soon!!

    Pat Cochran

  3. I’m really lucky. Once I figured out that my summer colds were almost always a result of allergies all the planets lined up, I spent five long torturous years getting shots (last one next month – yea!). I still take antihistimines for what the shots didn’t fix and now I rarely get sick.

    I rarely get winter colds I think because I am a maniac about handwashing and I don’t have a job where I’m handling a lot of common things, or use public transportation etc. (I stay in my pod and don’t breathe 🙂 Twenty years in the healthcare industry must have rubbed off on me. Ew ick, hand me a wet wipe!

    Feel better!


  4. I think they’re worse in the summer because it’s hot outside and YOU’RE all hot and icky and achy! UGH! Get well my friend!!!!!

    KNock on wood I haven’t had any bad colds or flu the last few years.

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