Guilty Pleasures Monday – Eric Stromer

Copyright Eric Stromer - Available for Download at the Site - Used under Fair Use ProvisionsI first caught sight of this hunk on CLEAN SWEEP. I got hooked on that show and it really helped me get my house in order! Eric Stromer was the carpenter on the show and he was cute, funny, talented and wow — He’s just too sexy.

Eric now has a show on DYI — OVER YOUR HEAD — where he rescues homeowners who have tackled projects that were a little too much for them.

Hmm . . . I’m pretty good with a hammer and saw. I think it’s time to add that new wing to the house!

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  1. The very thought of Carter and Eric both working on a project in my house…sigh.
    I’d have to leave. I’d have to run away before making a fool out of myself.

    But, oh, it would be so nice to just sit and look….

  2. There’s something definitely sexy about a guy who can finish a project and even more sexy when they actually do finish it.

    My mother used to say she’d gladly run away with Norm Abrams because he could “fix” things.

    Years later, I understand her motivation. I too like old Norm for his skills, but don’t we have so many other attractive options these days 🙂

    We’ve come a long way from the Norge Repairman haven’t we?


  3. I have several things that need fixing around my house. I am not in the least tool savy. So do you think I could get Eric to come to my house? If I begged? He or Ty either would work for me. I have seen Eric and thought he was sexy but don’t get to watch his show. Hmmm, maybe DVR it? Have a great day and hugs. Hope everything got sorted over the week-end and you are back to normal in your world.

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