Guilty Pleasures Monday – Clint Eastwood

DIRTY HARRY Copyright Warner Bros.  Used under Fair Use ProvisionsI’m back!  Well, not really since for most of this week I’ll be in San Francisco for the RWA National Conference.  I’ll be reporting and updating you on all the goings on at the conference and on the trip.

As I was thinking of San Francisco and today’s Guilty Pleasure, it made me think —

Do I feel lucky?  LOL!  Yes, it only seems right that this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure is none other than Clint Eastwood!  With his trademark cold-eyed squint and slight sneer, Eastwood created a character that is a movie legend and lines that have become part of our culture.

I always found Clint to be ruggedly handsome and so I’m sharing him with you today!  If you haven’t seen the DIRTY HARRY movies, they are not to be missed.  Action, old-fashioned police work (before the fancy CSI gadgetry) and of course, sexy Clint.

Make my day, Clint.  Even at 78 you’re still amazing!


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Clint Eastwood”

  1. Even at 78 he is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen. I have seen most of his movies and loved them. Sorry I missed you yesterday but welcome back. Hugs to all. Thanks for sharing Clint with us.

  2. One of my early fave Clint movies is the first one he directed: Play Misty for Me. He’s really good in it. I love the suspense and romance story combined in the movie

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