Crazy Saturday – Blogging from RWA National!

RWA was great and asked me to blog from the conference! I’m reblogging the post here for all of you! So here goes:

I’m a wife, mom, attorney and President of my local RWA Chapter in New Jersey which always has people asking, “How do I manage to find the time to write or attend conferences?”

I confess it takes a lot of juggling, but after the last few days here at the conference I know that it’s worth every second of hard work to free up the time to make it here. Why? The amazing collection of women at every level who are here to learn, share, meet old friends and make new ones.

Allie Pleiter and other authors at the RWA Literacy SigningOn Wednesday night there was the wonderful Literacy signing where over 500 authors came to sign books, meet fans and help raise money for literacy programs. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent and to know that you’re doing something for a positive cause.

At the workshops, authors, editors and agents shared information to help others build and bolster their writing careers. I always find myself coming back from the workshops with new insights into how to improve not only my writing, but the business aspects of the publishing business. And what do I do when I’m not at the workshops?

Well, there’s the friends. Old ones from years back and the wonder of sharing those ongoing friendships, our successes, challenges and fun. Then there are the new friendships from reaching out to new people at the workshops, parties or while waiting on line at one of the various events. I always make a point of trying to meet new people at each and every conference as well as to maintain the relationships from past years. Here’s a photo of me with one of my long time NJ friends, Deb Mullins, a wonderful historical writer.
Deb Mullins and me, Caridad, at the Literacy Fair

When I think about the experience I’m having at this year’s conference, it reminds me that it takes positive people and energy to make a group or event special. At this year’s RWA Conference, that’s exactly what I’ve found!