Guilty Pleasures Monday – Pierce Brosnan

Copyright 20th Century Fox - used under Fair Use Provisions - Click here to purchase the DVDsI was pondering who to share with you this morning and realized I hadn’t shared one of my favorites! So today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is Pierce Brosnan. I first fell in love with him in a television movie series called The Manions (I believe). It was a story about the Irish and he was just so good looking.

Then one day I’m flipping through the channels and there he is again as Remington Steele! Heaven, I’m in heaven. I loved this show and the chemistry with him and Stephanie Zimbalist was wonderful. Hopeful romantic that I am, I kept on hoping they’d get together. I bought the first season on DVD and enjoyed watching it again.

When there was talk of needing a new Bond, it immediately occurred to me that Pierce would be the perfect Bond and so did the producers! Unfortunately, when Pierce was chosen as the new Bond, NBC decided to renew Remington Steele (which had been cancelled). This cost Pierce the role at that time. A shame since it would have been great to have more of him as James Bond.

Hope you enjoyed this Guilty Pleasure Monday! Also, don’t forget to check back on August 26th for a special blog by Lisa Jackson! I have autographed books, t-shirts and other goodies from Lisa to award to anyone who drops by that day and leaves a comment on the blog.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Pierce Brosnan”

  1. oh yea i remember that show. It was one of my favorites growing up i think Peirce bronson was one of my first crushes. i will defently keep my eyes open for that.

  2. Karin beat me too it. I was going to say you have to see Pierce in Mamma Mia. I loved him that. Also in Shattered which also my love, Gerard Butler.

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