Fun Friday – Seeing Double

It happens often. You go to the bookstore and see a cover that looks familiar, but the title is different. Turns out, it’s a different book with a very similar cover. I had that happen recently with the JEWEL OF MEDINA (that we discussed the other day)(shown below) and another book titled SISTER TERESA. At first glance the women on the covers looked very similar to me.

SISTER by Barbara Mujica

Of course seeing them side-by-side now makes me realize they don’t look that much alike, but now I dare you. Actually, double dog dare you to say that the two covers which follow don’t look alike!

Are you ready? Click to see more!

SECRET AGENT REUNION UK Coversusangrant.jpg

LOL! Lost that dare, didn’t you? The cover to the left is the United Kingdom cover for SECRET AGENT REUNION, my August 2007 release.

The cover to the right is for Susan Grant’s latest release, MOONSTRUCK, here in the United States.

Actually, it’s not such an uncommon occurrence as publishers will sometimes buy and use stock photos for their covers, hence why the same picture may appear on the different covers.

Have you had this sense of deja book cover? Let us know if you’ve spotted the same cover on different books.

5 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Seeing Double”

  1. A similar issue out there, I have a friend who was told that the woman she uses on her website as her “covermodel” (stock photo she bought) turned up in a local newspaper ad for one of those “dangly bit – enhancement” products.

    She was of course mortified that “her girl” would be found on such a product and how would it reflect on her “brand”. We talked her down and it eventually became a non-issue.

    I remember there was one of your intrigues that had a cover almost identical to Carla’s intrigue for the previous month.

  2. What an obstacle for authors who are trying so hard to brand themselves. As a reader, I don’t put much stock in covers, but at the very least I want variety.

    Hopefully you and Susan Grant won’t run into any problems with this similarity in covers, but I’m dismayed that it happened.

  3. I don’t so much have a problem with the covers but with titles. Did you ever notice how many titles are so similar? You look at the title and think “I’ve already read that”. Then when you get all the way home and look, you realize you hadn’t read it but one with almost the same title. That is frustrating because if you want to read the book, you have to go back to the store. Have a great day and hugs to all.

  4. It’s a good thing that I read the ending before I buy – just because at my advance age I am not sure if I have read the book before or not – especially with those tricky covers!

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