Guilty Pleasures Monday – Aaron Eckhart

I have to confess that the first time I saw him, I was not sure if I found him handsome, but the more and more I see him, the more I find him attractive.

I just caught him over the weekend in NO RESERVATIONS which didn’t do all that well at the box office. I remember the movie being billed as kind of a romantic comedy and even the posters and covers for the movie (shown below) make it seem lighthearted and it was anything but that.

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Could be why it didn’t do well. No one wants to go see a romantic comedy and have it be a serious movie. BUT — I liked the movie. It was quite touching in parts and Aaron was downright sexy. I wanted to see more of him and Catherine, but the director kept on closing the door every time that it was starting to get romantic. NOT!!! Especially if it’s supposed to a romance. But again, I would recommend it.

Here’s an interview with him about his role in THE DARK KNIGHT, the latest Batman movie:

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Aaron Eckhart”

  1. Hello, Hello, Hello,

    I’m baaack! Good to be here! I’ve had
    my eye on this film, especially since I’m
    such a fan of the Food Network and other related food shows/competitions. There’s
    only one food show that I won’t get near!
    That’s Hell’s Kitchen – can’t stand the
    screaming and yelling!!

    Pat Cochran

  2. How funny! I saw the movie Saturday night in the wee hours!
    The movie was based on a German movie with quite a different twist to it. The female chef was anorexic, the niece was there and her problems, it was not a comedy while the US movie tried to be.
    My girls, who saw the original flick, boycotted it.
    I liked it and I liked him even more.

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