Special Saturday – Lisa Jackson Guest Blog

LEFT TO DIE August 2008 from Lisa JacksonOn Wednesday, August 26th, I’m having a special guest blog by Lisa Jackson. She’ll be giving us a super sexy excerpt from her latest release, LEFT TO DIE. In addition, I’ll be picking two lucky winners to receive a copy of LEFT TO DIE, T-Shirt and notepad from everyone who leaves a comment before midnight EST on August 26th. The two lucky winners will also receive a box of books and a CALLING vampire novel t-shirt.

Plus — anyone who leaves the name of my next release (hint — it’s in December) as part of their blog comment will also get an autographed copy of HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE.

Also remember, anyone who places this FURY CALLS widget on their website/myspace/facebook is eligible to receive a FREE CALLING t-shirt. Just load the widget and e-mail me a link to where I can find the widget. T-shirts will be available while supplies last.

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14 thoughts on “Special Saturday – Lisa Jackson Guest Blog”

  1. The first Lisa Jackson books I read were “Fatal Burn” and “Shiver”. I can’t wait to read “Left to Die”. I can’t wait to read “A Soldier’s Secret Child” as well.

  2. I guess everyone is entering today before the special Wednesday post. So I guess I’ll going in and say that I just checked out Caridad’s upcoming release in December called A Soldier’s Secret Child and I have to say I’m looking forward to it. I will also be mentioning it again on Wednesday. I can’t wait for Lisa Jackson’s visit on Wednesday.

  3. Hi Caridad! I’m looking forward to Lisa Jackson’s visit on Wednesday, and want to congratulate you for your upcoming release A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD! Best Wishes to You and Yours…..

  4. I can’t wait to read a Soldier’s Secret Child. Left to Die looks great as well! Summer is winding down, time to stock up on winter reading material! Have a wonderful week!

  5. A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD sounds great!! I love the Colton series of books! Lisa’s books are great!!

  6. I look forward to Lisa’s guest visit on Wednesday, I enjoy her books. A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD sounds great, I’m excited to pick it up and enjoy the story.

  7. I love, love, love Lisa. I am so excited about “Left To Die”. Can’t wait to get my hands on “A Soldier’s Secret Child.” I hope I can download for my e-reader. The quicker, the better!

  8. I can’t wait for Lisa Jackson to show up on Wednesday. I so love her books. I’m also looking forward to reading “A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD” – it looks like it will be a great book.

  9. Can’t wait to read “Left to Die” & am looking forward to Lisa Jackson’s visit on Wednesday. Am also looking forward to “A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD” – it looks like it will be a good read.

  10. Both A Soldier’s Secret Child and Left to Die sound like wonderful reads. I’m looking forward to hearing from Lisa Jackson on Wednesday.

  11. I absolutely love your Calling series and cannot wait for the next one. I love the title of your next book A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD as I am a Navy brat and an Air Force wife. My oldest daughter is also a 1st Lt. in the Airforce-so the name definitely strikes a chord with me. Keep on writing such great books-wish I could write. I also put the widget on my space page.

  12. I almost bought Left to Die today but remembered Lisa was going to be visiting and decided to wait. I could get lucky. As my family are military, A Soldier’s Secret Child is an automatic buy. Looking forward to having Lisa visit. I have read some excerpts and the book is a winner. Have a great week-end and hugs to all.

  13. I’m really looking forward to Lisa’s next book. She always has lots of suspense and sexiness — a good combination. I’m also looking forward to A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD — I love books with a military angle.

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