Guilty Pleasures Monday – Sylvester Stallone

I remember the first ROCKY movie and how so many of us were madly in love with Sylvester Stallone. There was something so earthy, endearing and sexy about him. And all those muscles!! Definitely an Italian Stallion.

The first ROCKY movie was the stuff of which legends are made in the movie industry. It was shot on a very low budget and with an untried star who also happened to have written the movie. The film became a sleeper box office hit, was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won 3, including Best Movie and Best Director, but not Best Actor or Screenplay for Sylvester Stallone.

ROCKY spawned a number of sequels, some which arguably jumped the shark. But, I did get a chance to see the latest sequel, ROCKY BALBOA, and it was wonderful. Had a lot of the heart of the first movie and if you get a chance, watch it!

And if you haven’t seen the original or it’s been awhile, make sure to to do so. It’s a film classic and yes, Stallone is rather amazing looking before he gets all beat up.

As an aside, next time you’re in Philadelphia, join the hundreds who’ve dogged up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and have yourself a ROCKY moment! Have I done it? Well, maybe . . . LOL!