Thoughtful Thursday – A BIG Thanks and a Fun Night

A BIG BIG thanks to Lisa Jackson for providing us with an amazing excerpt and dropping by to visit. Also a BIG BIG thanks to everyone who came to visit and left a comment on the blogs. I’ll be answering all your comments over the weekend, picking the two lucky winners and also, the winners of the copies of HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE.

For those of you who left the answer — SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD — Yep, that’s the name of my upcoming December release from Silhouette Romantic Suspense. As you may know, SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD is part of the COLTONS: FAMILY FIRST Series from Silhouette Romantic Suspense. Check out all the books in the series by this wonderful group of authors!

COLTON’S SECRET SERVICE – by Marie Ferrarella Sept 08
RANCHER’S REDEMPTION – by Beth Cornelison Oct 08
SHERIFF’S AMNESIAC BRIDE – by Linda Conrad Nov 08
A SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD – by Caridad Pineiro Dec 08
BABY’S WATCH – by Justine Davis Jan 08
A HERO OF HER OWN – by Carla Cassidy Feb 08

Clip art courtesy of Office Clip ArtAs for a Fun Night — yesterday was my daughter’s b’day and I drove down to Philly and she and I had a girl’s night at the ballpark. I had my friends Linda and Lena with me and my daughter had two of her friends. The Mets were playing the Phillies — always a good rivalry. Our group was a mix of Philly and Mets fan and one lone Yankees fan.

The weather was amazing and so was the company. We had a great time and for my daughter and me, it was even better since the Mets won after losing the night before. That puts them back in first place, but it really is a pennant race this year with the Mets and Phillies both shooting for the division title.

Let’s hope the Mets don’t repeat last year’s historic collapse. Ugh. That was heart-breaking which is why I guess you really need to be a fan to love the Mets. Like they said in 1969 – YA GOTTA BELIEVE.

The highlight of last night’s game for us was two solo blasts by Carlos Delgado which we were able to watch clear the fence since we were sitting up along the third base line (so we could be sure to watch David Wright!).

If you didn’t watch the game, you can click here to see Delgado’s second solo blast which I think tied up the game:

6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – A BIG Thanks and a Fun Night”

  1. Jeanne – they said the same thing about the Pirates in 1960 (although I must admit that you are probably correct this year)!

  2. Sounds like your daughter had a nice birthday. I live in Pittsburgh and since the Pirates don’t have a chance in h#ll and my hubby lived in NY for a while, I’m going to route for the Mets 🙂

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time at the game 🙂 I will be on the lookout for Colton’s Secret Service… I just can’t wait to get to your book *bg*

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