Tuesday Tips – Test Your Psychic Abilities

My friend, Irene Peterson, is kind of an expert on psychic things. You can read more about her and her studies of the paranormal, by clicking here to visit the British Institute of Paranormal Studies also known as BIPS.

Now, before we pull your leg too much, BIPS is Irene’s creation and can be found in one of her Works In Progress – KISS MY ECTOPLASM. But be sure to check out her latest novel, KISSES TO GO.

As for Irene’s psychic abilities? Well, why don’t you try Irene’s tips for testing your psychic abilities.

Are you a sender or receiver or both?

  • According to the kindly folk at BIPS, the British Institute for Paranormal Studies, telepathy is the ability to project one’s thoughts or receive thoughts from another individual, even at great distances.

Do you possess telepathic abilities?
Do you “hear” things other people are saying when they haven’t said a word? Better yet, do you think you need to call your friend in California and when you do, she says, “I need to talk to you, I’m so upset”?

  • Oh, telepathy is not “hearing in your mind” your mother’s rant about not ever spending time with her or your significant other’s groans over watching yet another movie on Lifetime, but getting actual words or pictures in your mind.

Here’s a simple method of detecting telepathy…be it sender or receiver, and also a nifty game to play at parties when everyone is sober.

  • You will need seven small index cards, plain, unmarked on the back side, with no tears, marks, or folds to distinguish any card whatsoever.

    On the back of one card only, lightly draw a small X.

    Then, the person who is going to try to “send” should place the cards blank side down on a flat surface, being careful to remember the position of the card with the X, but telling no one. The person who is to be the “sender” must give absolutely no indication, facial or otherwise, while the experiment is going on. (Might as well just point to the card if you’re going to grunt or squint or do something dramatic when you attempt to send.)

    The “receiver” is then to slowly run one hand over the backs of the cards, approximately an inch above the surface.

    When the “receiver’s” hand is above the X card, the “sender” should think something like “this is it” or “here” or just think of a weight pressing down on the “receiver’s” hand.

    There are times when an especially sensitive “receiver” will actually feel his/her hand bounce down on top of the X card, as if a weight had pressed upon it.

    Concentration is key to “sending”. The sender can’t be distracted by lots of noise or onlookers and the receiver should sincerely be intent on picking up telepathic messages.

    A really good team will have a strong sender and an equally strong receiver. But, alas, not everyone is sensitive. Not everyone can send or receive anything. It’s a gift, like being good in art or a good singer, and equally as hard to develop if the gift isn’t there.

    It may be latent, however, so trying this method can’t hurt.

And remember, with gifts like these, it is often necessary to learn how to turn them off when the time comes, but that’s another lesson. Good luck!

Well, good luck and thanks to Irene for this info!