Fun Friday – NEW COVERS!!!

Today’s FUN FRIDAY is all about my new covers! I am so excited about them. The cover on the left is for my December romantic suspense release, SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD (I think the model is hot, do you?). The cover on the right is for the e-book collection of the novels in the CAPTURING THE CROWN series which includes my August 2006 release, MORE THAN A MISSION.

SOLDIER'S SECRET CHILD December 2008 Silhouette Romantic Suspense CAPTURING THE CROWN E-book Collection including MORE THAN A MISSION

Also for fun, I decided to collect all the different versions of my covers since when the books are re-released overseas, they sometimes change the cover or change the line under which the book is released. For example, in the United Kingdom the romantic suspense stories used to come out in a line called SENSATIONS, but they are now releasing these books as part of the United Kingdom INTRIGUE line. In Japan, the cover says the book is part of the LOVESTREAM line.

I’m trying to track down the Australian covers and hope to have them up soon.

If you check out the DARKNESS CALLS United Kingdom cover, it’s really cool. Of course, my all time favorite is the MANGA cover of MORE THAN A MISSION. It was so-o-o amazing to see the story turned into a cartoon! You can read more about this one by clicking here.

Click here or visit this link ( to see my collection of covers!