Thoughtful Thursday – Totally Rambling!

Map of my brain this morning!This is a road map of my brain this morning. If you can figure out where my brain is going, please let me know.

I’m distracted by so many things and suffering from too little sleep. My mind is flipping through so many questions from things that are totally banal (Why was the coffee so strong this morning?) to the amazingly important (Is my money safe in the bank?).

While my brain rambles on occasion, I find that it’s happening a lot more often lately. I’d like to think that it’s because I’ve got too many things on my plate and know that there’s only a couple of things to do to deal with brain drain and get back on the right road.

The first is to get rid of those things bringing negativity into my life. I am a true believer that success comes to those who stay positive. Of course, it’s sometimes impossible to stay positive about some things and when it is . . .

Get rid of what’s causing the negativity because it’ll drag down all other aspects of your life.

What’s the second thing to do? Focus. Concentrate on what needs to get done. Emphasis on NEEDS. NEEDS means, must do. Not, it would be nice to do.

For me that means, family first. Next, obligations to my two jobs, namely dealing with work and writing deadlines. Last, a moment to relax.

Do you ever find yourself with a similar road map of your brain? If you do, what do you to revitalize and refocus yourself?