Tuesday Tip – Home Made Halloween Costumes

The days are counting down! Halloween will soon be here! Like any paranormal writer, it’s a time of year I especially love!

But with the economy the way it is, how can you keep in the spirit and not spend a fortune? One way is by making your own Halloween costumes. Back when my sis and I were kids, we never had store bought costumes. Too expensive. We used whatever was in the closet that could be turned into a costume.

My mom used to have a funky patchwork design shirt and for more years than I care to remember, we used it to be either hobos or scarecrows.

When my daughter was in elementary school, they held a Halloween Hop every year and we used to have the best time making the costumes and so did many of the parents. Everyone joined in to make it special.

One of the first costumes we made for me was Scully from The X-Files. I got a cheap red wig and wore a suit from my closet. The highlight of the costume was my alien baby. My daughter and I searched for an alien-looking toy. Found a cheap wax candle of a UFO alien. We placed the candle in a big empty plastic pretzel jar and then filled it with orange Jello. It looked really cool and I carried it around all night. Of course, we hadn’t counted on just how heavy that jar would be and my arms ached the next day.

Another timer my daughter went as Buffy and I went as a . . . A vampire of course!Thanks to Countess Bloods Halloween Horror website!

A vampire costume is probably one of the easiest to make. White shirt and black pants. A long length of thick red ribbon with some kind of medallion. (The year hubby went as a vamp he used an old Cadillac hood ornament that had come off one of his cars.) You can buy either a plastic or cloth cape rather inexpensively, but another option is to use a black garbage bag as a cape. Some inexpensive plastic fangs and kid’s Halloween make-up kit and you’re set to go.

For some more hints on home made Halloween Costumes, visit some of these links:


Hope you have a blast this Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Home Made Halloween Costumes”

  1. I’m doing the homemade costume as well this year. I am dressing my little one up in jeans and black turtleneck, taking the miniature boxes of cereal slashing the box, putting plastic knives inside and draw a little blood on the box and knife. Then I’ll pin them to the turtleneck, he’ll carry a hatchet(toy from walmart 1.00) and he’ll be a mini cereal killer 🙂

  2. I must agree that the best costumes are homemade. I have never had a costume that was bought. I’ve been everything from an angel to a witch.

  3. The best costumes are the ones made by someone you love… My mom made ours until we turned about 10… then we chose ones we wanted from the store! 😀

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