Thoughtful Thursday – Election Day

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtIt seems impossible to believe that Election Day is almost here. Less than a week and many people will be heading to the polls to cast votes to decide who our next leaders will be.

It’s an important day. An important Liberty the right to decide who will run this Country.

Some people don’t have that opportunity. They live under dictators like Castro or wanna-be clones like Chavez. They live in places where people think it’s okay to take away Liberty.

The Liberty to speak freely. The Liberty to practice a religion of your choice or not. The Liberty to work hard and enjoy the fruits of that labor. The Liberty to be fear of threats from terrorists and others who wish to steal away our American Dream.

There’s one way you can help keep Liberty safe — Vote. Go to the polls and pick your leaders. Think about what they stand for now and what they’ve stood for in the past. Look beyond race, religion and parties so that’s it’s not a “Just because” vote.

Vote. Make your voice be heard across America. Embrace the Liberty earned through the hard fought battles of our Founding Mothers and Fathers (’cause women served as well back then!) and of all who have sacrificed so much to keep that Liberty secure.


Why is it so important to me? Because I come from a place where Liberty died.