Guilty Pleasures Monday – Twin Cutie Monday!

I’m in hyper-writing mode since one of my books got moved up, always a good thing! TAINTED BLOOD — now retitled SINS OF THE FLESH — will be out in November of 2009 from Grand Central Publishing.

That means that I spent hours and hours and hours sitting at my laptop, working on this novel which in turn means I spent hours and hour and hours watching television while I wrote.

Well, the bad news is that there’s over 100 channels and little to watch most times. The good news is I ran across THE JANE AUSTIN BOOK CLUB which turned out to be a fairly nice romantic drama with TWO TWO TWO cuties who are this Monday’s Guilty Pleasures!

The first cutie (on the right in the Burberry Ad) is Hugh Dancy who has been in a number of other movies such as ELLA ENCHANTED and the Elizabeth mini-series on TV. The second cutie (on the left) is Kevin Zegers who has been acting since the age of seven and has appeared in quite a number of movies, including AIR BUD and TRANSAMERICA.

Kevin Zegers Hugh Dancy in Burberry Ad

To check out the trailer for THE JANE AUSTIN BOOK CLUB, read on . . .