Thoughtful Thursday – Brides to Be!

Bride to be!If my thoughts are a little scattered today, it’s because I’ve got a pile of work to do at the office so I can take off tomorrow (and also from the blog!) for a very special event!

My niece is getting married! Woo hoo! I’m so excited for her and her parents. This is such a big event in your life and such a happy one.

I don’t know about you, but I still remember my wedding day as if it were yesterday. Everyone asking me if I was nervous until I really was a nervous wreck by the time the limo arrived to pick me up. My one-in-a-million mother-in-law helping sew buttons and sleeves on my sis’s bridesmaid dress because the dry cleaner had ruined a bunch of them!

It was a Friday night and it was raining a little. I got to the church on time and there was my hubby-to-be, hanging with the best man by the steps of the church. Waiting and waiting and waiting because the priest was nowhere to be found!!

The priest finally showed up half an hour later, winded and flushed. He had been playing in a basketball game for the parochial school.

Whew — I had been worried he wouldn’t show up.

From there on, it went great and we had a wonderful time. Flew to Hawaii the next morning and we’ve been together ever since.

I hope that tomorrow my niece will add more wonderful memories of the time she has shared with her hubby-to-be. I hope it will be a glorious day for her and an even more wonderful honeymoon so they can start their married life with joy, happiness and the promise of many more wonderful days to come!