Tuesday Tip – Coupons and Free Samples

Saving Money with CouponsMy husband is always teasing me about how frugal I am (frugal being his nice way of saying I’m inherently cheap). My theory in life is that if I take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves which means I look for sales on the items I need to purchase and also try to use coupons whenever possible.

Free samples? Love them! Especially if it’s a new product and I’m not really sure I am going to like it.

But how do you find those coupons or free samples to save you money, especially during today’s rough economic times when every penny helps?

I used to do the Sunday newspaper route, but found myself often tossing the paper because I was really only interested in the coupon section. That’s a waste of money.

So I turned to the Internet and the websites for those products that I regularly used. I know I’ve mentioned the KRAFT site several times. It’s a great source for all kinds of things, including free samples, coupons and contests for their assorted products. You can sign up to receive their quarterly magazine which is a luscious glossy magazine filled with recipes and coupons! Their electronic newsletter will also send you recipes as well as coupons and the chance to get free samples.

Also check out KRAFT First Taste to see new products and receive free samples.

Some other companies which offer product promos and coupons which you might like are:

Also, check out these Internet-based sites that let you print coupons and provide information on promotions. I prefer the sites where you don’t have to register, like coupons.com.

There are lots of other websites offering coupon pages online. Make sure your local stores take coupons printed off the internet. Also make sure that if you are asked to download software, it’s from a reliable site.

Finally, if you have favorite places to shop, Godiva, Buy.com, etc., sign up for their newsletters and announcements. They’ll send you coupons and specials that will surely save you some money!