Thoughtful Thursday – Technology Woes

As you guessed by yesterday’s message, something was in the works technology-wise, namely my moving this site to a new hosting company!

I’m happy to say that the service I’ve gotten from my wonderful friend is exceptional. For anyone interested in a new site or hosting, check out my great web designer – Crocos Designs – and their hosting company. Fast service. Amazing support.

Unlike my last hosting company who shall not be named.

The amazing thing to me is how much we’ve all come to rely on technology. I may kid my daughter that she’d be lost without her gadgets, but that apple did not fall far from the tree.

Take away my computer and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Heck, when I’ve been working on a computer related project, I’ve had stereo computers – one at each hand (in my other life I have to manage Information Systems for my office).

Ask me to write a book without a computer – NO WAY!!! I type so much faster than I write and having been pre-med in college, my writing is illegible. I definitely aced Chicken Scratch 101. LOL!

How about you? Can you imagine putting away all your tech gadgets for a month? For a week? For even a day?

Not me.

On another note, in the shift to the new hosting company, we did lose the post with the wonderful new cover for FURY CALLS, my March 2009 Nocturne, so here it is for you again. I so love this cover!

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  1. Gee, I was hoping for something just a little more male oriented this week. FYI – Not all your fans are hardcore female romantics!

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