Fun Friday – Christmas Lights and Love

Wow! I’m back from a truly wonderful Christmas holiday! Lots of time spent with family and friends which is my favorite part of the Christmas season. We went and got the tree last Friday when my daughter got home from college, decorated it, put up the lights and decorations for the house and then prepped to have family and friends over on Christmas Eve and visit with more family on Christmas Day. All in all, it was terrific and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

This morning the TV anchors were talking about “toning down” Christmas and certainly I was more careful about spending, but not about the most important part of Christmas — sharing the holiday with my loved ones.

But there is one person who certainly didn’t tone down Christmas. Check out this amazing light display on a home outside of Cincinnati. My good friend and fellow author, Rayna, sent this clip originally and commented that this is what happens when you let your teen geek set up the holiday lights. LOL!

Have a truly wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Christmas Lights and Love”

  1. Nice photo and nice, but really wild video!
    I couldn’t begin to understand how someone could put together such a program!

    Pat Cochran

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