Thoughtful Thursday – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

cold1This Thursday’s Thoughts are mainly about the cold, but also about how we become creatures of habit as we get older.

For example, if it’s over 30 I wear one coat. Over 40 another. Below 30 and out comes my big long coat and I add a sweatshirt underneath. When it goes below 20, as it has the past few days, I stick my head out from all the bundling and decide whether or not to do the walk to work.

Below 15 — definitely do the subway. If I do take the subway, I am totally spoiled because I walk straight into my building and never go outside in Manhattan. Which why I was surprised to see those big flurries of fat snowflakes dancing outside my window.

beachOf course, all that snow has me thinking of warmer locales because I am so not a person who loves the cold! I always tell people it’s because I’m not genetically prepared for it, having been born in Cuba.

That’s just my work habit. Then there’s my writing habit, especially over the weekend. Get up at 6 and make the coffee. Head up to my office at home, plop down on my couch, drag the blanket over me, grab the laptop and power it up. While it’s booting up, turn on the TV and look for something to have on while I write and if nothing interests me, slip in a favorite DVD. 😀

Habits. Funny ones to some people, I’m sure. What about you? You have any habits you’d like to share?

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Baby It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. I just saw that it was 10 below in Pittsburgh this morning. Glad we are down here where it was 34 last night! I am also more than happy to watch the ‘Stillers’ on TV and not in those cold stands! Go Steelers!!!

  2. On weekends where I don’t have to go anywhere, I love getting up early, eating breakfast and crawling back into bed with a good book. 9 times out of 10 I go back to sleep for a couple of hours…LOL

  3. How I wish I had a similar bad habit!

    We heard the sirens and things from our office and turned on the news to find out about the plane. They say it was the pilot’s quick thinking that saved everyone. Had they landed on the ground it would have been much worse.

  4. Hi, Caridad,

    We’re having a lot of really, for us, cold
    Arctic weather. It was 29 degrees when
    we got up yesterday, warmer (32) this
    a.m., and is projected to be back in the
    20s tomorrow.

    For the last hour , I’ve been watching
    coverage of the US Airways airbus that
    went down in the Hudson River. God
    bless those pilots who safely, for the
    situation, brought the plane down with
    all alive! CNN is saying that all of the
    passengers and crew are out of the

    Back to the question: My habit, especially
    on cold mornings, is to stay huddled in
    my bed among my warm covers!

    Pat Cochran

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