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😈 I know you’re expecting a wicked excerpt from something, but I’ve been debating about which book to discuss and decided I wanted to give you some insights from this wicked writer’s mind into the two main characters in the upcoming CALLING books – HONOR CALLS and FURY CALLS.

I think I’ve mentioned that the heroes in FURY CALLS are ones you’ve met before in TEMPTATION CALLS. Blake and Meghan became favorites way back then, so I’m very happy to finish their story, particularly Blake’s. Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate perfect heroes. You know the kind. Look good. Act good. Know the answers to everything.

Boring. I like my heroes to be imperfect with lots of flaws. Heroes who mess up on occasion, but somehow rise above their flaws to become bigger than life.

FURY CALLS by Caridad Pineiro, Silhouette Nocturne, March 2009Blake is one of those kinds of heroes. He comes from a poor upbringing and difficult times. He survived them in the most harsh of ways and has been paying the price for his actions for centuries. When Blake finally acknowledges his own inner strength, he realizes he can be a hero in the true sense of the word. Somehow that transformation is much more rewarding for me as a writer, and I hope you enjoy such changes as a reader.

Michaela from HONOR CALLS is similar in some ways. Different at birth, she has dealt with loss and alienation from an early age. To avoid the pain the world brings, she has shut herself off and embarked on a campaign that honor demands she fulfill. Like Blake, it will take an extreme act of self-awareness to make her more than what she is — a slayer. It will be that self-awareness that will lead her on a new path where the call of her honor may conflict with that of her lover.

Imperfect heroes, Blake and Michaela. You gotta love ’em.

So what do you think about such heroes? As a surprise for you, anyone leaving a comment by midnight EST on Friday will be eligible to win a copy of DESIRE CALLS and a CALLING T-shirt!

8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Wicked Writer’s Mind”

  1. I like some flaws in them; they seem more human and likeable. This way they can improve and become more likeable; a perfect hero has no way to go but down.

  2. that was suppose to be LIVE with ahole , not like
    well dont really like him no more anyways LOL
    funny how the guy seem so smart , exciting, sexy
    18 yrs ago and now, just is a ahole that snores, is very gasy and freaking think he knows everything,,, now you see why i read romance, lol

  3. Isn’t that the definition of a hero Boring -imperfect with lots of flaws. People who mess up on occasion, but somehow rise above their flaws to become bigger than life. Sort of like the pilot who glided his plane onto the Hudson!

  4. there is no such ting as perfect
    lol though i like with a ahole who thinks he is

    i like heroes that is flawed and funny , with dry sense of humor, who can laugh at himself when he goofs and not make big deal over it

    and im in need of the calling tshirt :))

  5. Heroes that are not perfect… they seem more real to me, like an everyday man who could step into the pages of a story. Yes, I love romance and the fairytale endings, but I also enjoy a book when you can imagine the hero as a real life man. Read about his struggles and how he gets through his obstacles. They can make an interesting read when wriiten well! 😀

  6. I think an imperfect character is much more fun to read about! It is unpredictable 🙂 If the person is perfect then you already know how they are going to act, but someone real is much more relatable.

  7. I have never liked “perfect” people whether they are in a book or real life. They tend to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves.It took a loooog time but I finally reached a place where I’m comfortable with who and what I am. I accept all my flaws and go on with my life. So many people strive so hard for perfection that life passes them by with them not living it to the fullest. I am happier now than I have been in a long time just being me. Have a great day and hugs to all.

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