Wicked Wednesday – HONOR CALLS Available February 1

HONOR CALLS Available February 1 at EharlequinI’m really excited about HONOR CALLS, the next installment in THE CALLING Vampire novels. HONOR CALLS is a Nocturne Bite e-novella which will be available on February 1 at eharlequin. It’s exciting for me because I get to introduce a new character into the world of THE CALLING – Michaela Ramirez. Michaela has a tortured past and is a really unique character. She’s hiding a secret and bound by a code of honor which will one day put her at odds with the very interesting man that Michaela will meet in HONOR CALLS.

Who’s that interesting man? FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus Hernandez who you have met in several of the previous CALLING novels. It’s also exciting for me to let you learn more about Jesus. I am hoping that I will be able to devote a future full length book to Michaela and Jesus.

But for now . . . Here is your Wicked Wednesday excerpt from HONOR CALLS.

Frustration clawed at his gut as he stared at the picture of the latest victim who had been found torn apart in a downtown alley. As he flipped through the status report on the investigation, a familiar name appeared in the FBI case report.

The Blood Bank.

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus Hernandez expected that there would be a fair share of crime in a city like New York, but judging from how often the edgy Goth bar appeared in the reports provided to him, the Blood Bank appeared to be Crime Central.

He supposed the easy way to find out more about the club would be to ask Diana Reyes or any of the other agents in his bureau what to make of the place. But he hadn’t gotten to be one of the top agents in the New York City Bureau by taking the easy way. On the contrary. He believed in personally getting involved when it was necessary.

As he picked up the file again and examined the photo of the body parts found in an alley just a couple of blocks from the bar, he raked his hand through his short-cropped hair and blew out a disgusted breath.

It was definitely time for a visit to the Blood Bank to get his own impressions.

Memorizing the address, he rose from his desk and slipped on his suit jacket. For a moment he considered going by his apartment to change, certain he would look out of place in the expensive suit, then opted not to.

His apartment would be seriously empty since his last lover had moved out nearly a year earlier, complaining about the time he devoted to his job. Considering that in the past year he hadn’t had time to fill the empty spaces on the walls and that the living room still boasted only the recliner she had left behind, plasma television and other high end electronics, she had probably been right.

Plus, as he mentally reviewed the contents of his closet, he knew he had nothing suitable to wear for a Goth bar anyway.

Best just to drive by, scope out the place and decide what to do next, he told himself and for good measure, checked to make sure his gun was loaded and tucked snugly into the holster at his side.

That was the one thing he was sure about the Blood Bank.

It wasn’t the kind of place you went without protection.