Thoughtful Thursday – Television Shows

tvI know I’ve probably told you in the past, but I love television. Whenever I’m working on a book or cooking or exercising, the television is on. The habit goes way back. When my husband and I were first dating, he asked me if my family knew where the OFF switch was on the television.

I actually learned my first words in English from television. I vaguely recall that it was the words to the Doublemint gum commercial. You know, Doublemint adds to your fun . . .

If you had to guess which kinds of shows I watch, you’d probably guess that it would be those with either law enforcement or paranormal activities. You’d be right. I love LOST and FRINGE. I don’t miss NCIS and even catch that three hour block on USA Network when I can. BONES is another don’t miss as well as HOUSE. CRIMINAL MINDS and NUMBERS slip in there as well since I record them.

I do take time for some sitcoms, however — THE BIG BANG THEORY and CHUCK being my two favorite sitcoms. What can I say? I love nerds and both of these shows have a truly loveable collection of nerds.

What kinds of shows do you like? Are there any you won’t miss no matter what?

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4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Television Shows”

  1. I love The Mentalist, Life, NCIS, Law and Order, Lost, 30 Rock and Criminal Minds. I also try to catch Psych, Burn Notice and Mad Men on cable.

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  3. Fringe, check. LOST, check, Criminal Minds, check.

    Used to watch Chuck, got in the way. Want to watch NCSI, on at another bad time. Watch House on reruns sometimes…

    The rest of my shows?
    Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Heroes, 24…Idol.

    I think I may have you beat in the watching TV department.

    We’ll geek out on LOST Saturday. I want to hear your theories!!

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