Thoughtful Thursday – Stimulating the Economy

moneyOur new President has signed an economic stimulus package and I’m all for some of the things, like bailing out our car companies. But there’s still one big thing missing as far as I can see and which would, IMHO, totally stimulate the economy. What’s that you may ask?

Money in my pocket. If I had money in my pocket that I wasn’t afraid to spend, spend it I would (while also saving a bit for a rainy day). But as I see it right now, come April there’s more money leaving my pocket and none of it is coming back to me directly. For that reason, I’m not spending.

Directly being a key word here. If you want to stimulate the economy, give people some of their money back. The hard earned money for which they work.

On one of the talking head shows the other day an economist was saying that the trillion being spent was close to the amount the government takes in as taxes every year. He proposed that instead of this package the government just return the tax monies paid to the individuals who paid it. With those monies, individuals could save some money, they could repay some loans, and they could spend on new cars, etc.

Such saving, repaying and spending would provide an immediate stimulus to the economy. What do you think? If you got ALL your federal taxes back, or even a good portion of them, what would you do with the money?

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