Guilty Pleasures Monday – Desi Arnaz

This is definitely a blast from the past roused by a discussion I was having with someone the other day. There were some men we thought were attractive as kids and Desi Arnaz was definitely one. I guess I identified with him since he was Cuban, but I also felt bad for him when they made fun of him on I LOVE LUCY.

But, Desi was a handsome man, especially when he was younger. So, here’s a blast from the past, Desi at his Babalu-best.

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  1. They may have made fun of Desi on the show but he laughed all the way to the bank.

    Arnaz revolutionized television, creating the three-camera format before a live audience that is still used in sitcoms today. He was also the first TV producer to shoot his episodes on film. This would later make fountains of money when Desi pioneered another practice that would become a Hollywood staple: syndication of re-runs.

    Within a decade after the launch of I LOVE LUCY, Arnaz had founded Desilu Studios which would give birth to dozens of successful TV shows including STAR TREK.

    Not bad for a Doctor’s son from Santiago de Cuba who came to the US with little more than a conga drum.

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