Guilty Pleasures – Jared Padalecki

jaredThis month’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is Jared Padalecki, that hot hunk from SUPERNATURAL and formerly of GILMORE GIRLS.

Jared is a real cutie and nice also. My daughter got to meet him at this year’s New York Comic Con! By the way, if you haven’t gone to Comic Con, it was amazing! I plan on trying to go there next year, maybe even as an exhibitor since my next book is a paranormal romantic suspense that would be perfect for Comic Con!

I hope you enjoyed this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure.

9 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures – Jared Padalecki”

  1. I like to watch Supernatural and also Lost, becous the sexy cast lol. BTW found this site on google, searched for some TV Show Plot.

  2. LOVE SN. The other actor (JP’s brother on the show) is Dean, Jensen Ackles. I’ve seen a JP shirtless promo somewhere – now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it’s a screenshot. YUM, thanks for the pic even if it’s not all him (lol). He? Is yummy, and a heck of an actor.

  3. I hate to tell you this, but the photo you have of Jared is actually a photo-manipulation done by an artist. I actually have that manip and I believe the artist goes by Belfagor. Unfortunately Jared has never done a photo shoot shirtless. The only shirtless photo I’ve seen of him was a photo taken of him on-set with the crew from Friday the 13th this past summer.

  4. I sit glued to the TV when Supernatural is on. I didn’t realize Jared was in Gilmore Girls. I’ve never watched this but it’s starting on one of our channels here in NZ. I’ll look out for him.

  5. I’m more inspired by his brother on the show (can’t think of his name!), but damn if this isn’t a good pic of Jared!!!

  6. Jared is such a hottie! What an inspiring hunk, to say the least. Good idea to go to Comic Con and promote your paranormal!

  7. My BFF took a picture with Jared. BFF is 6’1. Jared still made him look like a dwarf. TALL drink of water he is. AND nice!

    If you go to NYCC next year let me know!! I’m going!

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