Fun Friday – Funny Videos and another contest!

My daughter was home last week from spring break and we spent a Friday night together watching funny videos on Youtube and laughing until we cried. This was one of them and although I don’t normally laugh at people being hurt, the reaction of the lady and her colleagues is just too funny.

As for the contest, visit with me today at for a chance to learn a little more about The Calling vampire novels and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize.

4 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Funny Videos and another contest!”

  1. I couldn’t hear what the broadcasters said after that (I’m deaf) so someone fill me in? I so could not do that with the grapes! I just can’t imagine cuz my feet are so sensitive. 😆

    I was watching Good Morning America one day and one of the host Diana, was doing the grapes and slipped but more was rolling around laughing from it!

    Have a great weekend Caridad!

  2. Darn, but I love fun Firdays here! This is so funny I’m laughing my a– off. Thanks for making my day. I’m going over now to visit fang…

    Have a great weekend.

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