Thoughtful Thursday – Parking and the Economy

parkI’m usually at the train station between 5:40 and 5:50 so I can catch a train to work. Ungodly hours, I know, but even at that hour, there would only be a few spots left to park.

Not so anymore. In the past few months, I and the rest of my fellow train pals have noticed an ever-increasing number of empty spots. In addition, the one train which was always packed now regularly has empty seats.

What should I think about that? There’s always a drop-off in early June as schools have let out and students and teachers take the summer off. But it’s not early June and this trend has been growing for some time.

My train pals are saying that it’s on account of layoffs and sadly I don’t think that they are mistaken. With many New York businesses feeling the impact of the financial sector meltdown, retail store closings and the economy lagging, I suspect that there are people who are either being furloughed or laid off.

Have you noticed any such signs in your neighborhood?

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  1. Oh, wow. I’m a auto worker….so yeah, I have noticed. My plant is still doing okay, but our sister plant, across town?? You can drive by there and it looks like it’s a ghost town, where the parking lot used to be full 24/7. They couldn’t pump out enough Explorers….now they can’t find enough work to work people 40 hours a week. There was an article in the paper today they’re laying off 340 more people…and what is really scary is we are starting to see area buisness’s suffer….small resturants closing, hours cutting back…it’s scary. And it’s not improving, so far. Sigh.

  2. I’ve heard a lot about layoffs, and in those rare cases we go out to it, there are many more empty spaces than before.

  3. We really haven’t seen many (if any) signs of the current problems. One day my husband remarked that he thinks it’s because we have been in a recession here for years – ever since the steel mills closed. Our friends agree. We had mass exodus of workers at that time. Very few of our youth plan on staying in the Valley when they graduate. What you are just noticing – huge empty parking lots – we already have!

  4. I have noticed that things are changing. I am retired so I don’t have that parking problem and as I live in a small town, I never did. However, when my friends and I go out for lunch, parking was a problem. My friend would drop me off and then go find a parking place. Last Wed. when we met, there were two or three spaces directly in front of the restaurant which is rare. The hostess said their business was off by about 25%. So it is wide spread. A lot of small businesses are feeling the pinch. As we are a tourist oriented town, I am thinking the pinch will be worse this summer. I hope not but it isn’t looking good. Have a great day and hugs to all.

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