Tuesday Tip – The search for a bestseller website!

Yes, you’re seeing another iteration in my continuing quest to get some idea on how to change the website. I hope you don’t mind being my guinea pigs on the blog so I can then set a designer loose to do up the site!

Funny thing since I regularly help people with ideas for their own sites, but can’t seem to get a handle on mine.

I love the old site. It’s slick and sexy as some of you have mentioned in earlier comments. Maybe too sexy, since to some it screams “erotic”. While my books certainly push the envelope at times, what I’m really after is a new website that screams what I am about now – paranormals and romantic suspense.

I’ve got a few ideas percolating in my head. Maybe a banner with a crime scene tape, a couple and images of things you would find in a suspense novel?

What do you think says paranormal and romantic suspense? What do you think says bestseller when you visit a person’s site? Inquiring minds want to know.