Wicked Wednesday – HONOR CALLS

HONOR CALLS, February 2009 Silhouette Nocturne BitesThis morning’s Wicked Wednesday is an excerpt from HONOR CALLS, my February 2009 Nocturne Bite. HONOR CALLS is a sexy story about a young vampire slayer, Michaela, and FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus hernandez. You’ve met Jesus in past books and probably know he’s a by the book kind of guy. Will that all change when he meets Michaela?

Take a moment to find out. To purchase HONOR CALLS, click here. Also, HONOR CALLS will be part of the October 2009 AWAKENING THE BEAST Collection.


Shit, Jesus murmured under his breath as he realized his intent to just drive by the Blood Bank wouldn’t be possible.

The small street on which the club was located was not wide enough for the passage of a car. As he rounded the block for the third time, he scoped out a free spot a short distance away and after parking, headed on foot toward the Goth club.

He hadn’t gone more than a few feet before the heat and humidity of an August Manhattan night had him sweating beneath the weight of his suit jacket. Since he was armed, removing the jacket wasn’t possible and he was starting to regret he hadn’t gone by his apartment to at least change into a t-shirt and jeans.

Swiping at a line of perspiration along his brow, he paused at the mouth of the street, one of the older ones in the city. More like an alley, which seemed apropos for the place he was about to visit, he thought. Definitely a back alley kind of operation from what he had seen in the various reports that had crossed his desk.

Ahead of him and about four small blocks down was a line of people at a nondescript building – the Blood Bank he assumed. The line was relatively long considering the hour and filled with a decidedly rough-looking crowd clad in lots of black, leather and metal. That at least was not very different from what he had expected.

As he proceeded along the cobblestones, bright with the light from a full moon and uneven beneath his shoes, he kept a wary eye on the smaller, even narrower side streets and tight gaps between the buildings. It was at the mouth of one of those alleys that the last body had been found.

Or at least, parts of the body.

A grunt, loud and painful-sounding, snared his attention as he passed the entrance to a space between two turn-of-the-century brick buildings. The buildings were built so closely together that the moonlight did little to illuminate the area between, but even with the lack of light, he detected the activity going on in the gap.

Another grunt came followed by the din of metal trash cans crashing against one another.

Definitely a fight and judging from the sounds of it, someone was getting their ass kicked.

He pulled out his Sig and advanced to the opening of the space between the buildings. He took a step within and his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, revealing the two people locked together in combat. One tall and much bigger than the other and as they grappled together, the light from a side door lamp illuminated their features.

The smaller one was a woman while the other. . .

Eerily bright blazing eyes shot a glance his way while long white fangs gleamed from the artificial light of the lamp. The creature growled at him, the sound like the rumble of a mountain lion, but then turned back toward the woman.

She had her arms braced against the creature’s jacket, trying to keep those wickedly long fangs away from her face, but with the vampire’s greater height and bulk, he feared she might be fighting a losing battle.

Ño, he cursed as she continued with the fight, totally ignoring his presence.

The creature spun the woman around and as the light swept over her face, he could tell she was young. Mid-twenties he guessed before she whirled out of sight again, struggling to break away from the demon’s grasp.

With a quick upward jab of her arm, the woman snapped the creature’s head back. It emitted a louder growl and another glimpse of its face showed its lethal fangs once again.

The woman’s blow did little to slow the demon. It reached behind to grab the woman by the scruff of her neck and whip her away from him and against the brick wall of one of the buildings. She hit the wall with a thick thud and fell to the ground dazed, prompting him to action.

“FBI. Stop or I’ll shoot,” he called out, training his gun on the demon as it took a step toward her.

The thing actually halted and looked at him. What he guessed passed for a smile erupted on its face, but then a second later the demon reeled back, grabbing at its chest with long taloned fingers.

Feebly grasping at the wooden stake which the woman had buried deep into its chest.

Shock filled the creature’s face mirroring his own surprise as he realized she had just killed someone . . .

No, make that something, before his eyes.

Blood leaked from around the edges of the stake, staining the off-white shirt the demon wore. It stood there, hands flailing. Long nails clacking against the stake, disbelief on its face before the look became blank and the creature dropped to the ground.

“One down, too many more to go,” the woman said, her voice deeper than what he would have expected from someone so petite. She nudged the creature’s body with the toe of her black boot and then bent to examine it, as if to make sure she had finished her job.

One down, huh? he thought, turned his gun on her and warned, “FBI. Put your hands up.”

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  1. I can hear my husband now… “Cathy, you have some ‘splaining to do!”
    Every time I read an excerpt my need to read file gets bigger. UGH!

  2. I can’t decide whether to get this as soon as I can or wait for Oct. I have other Calling books to find so I’m thinking maybe Oct. Oh well, I’ll see how much money is left after the bills are paid the first of June. I hope everyone has a great day and hugs to all.

  3. This one sounds really good Caridad! I have been trying to collect all of the Calling books. Not sure which to read first, maybe I’ll start from the beginning lol.

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