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sacred-sinWe have with us again a really special guest blogger – Estevan Vega. As I mentioned yesterday, Estevan’s second novel, THE SACRED SIN, was published when Estevan was only 18 and it’s really a testament to his determination that he’s going after his dream at such an early age.

I hope Estevan keeps it up and has great success in the publishing world.

Midwest Book Review said of THE SACRED SIN “A deftly written psychological thriller sure to grip readers all the way through, “The Sacred Sin” is highly recommended for community library thriller collections and fans of the genre.”

So please welcome Estevan back again and take a moment to check out his novel! Anyone leaving a comment on the blog by midnight EST on Friday, June 19th will be eligible to win a SINS OF THE FLESH T-shirt as well as a SINS OF THE FLESH lunch bag.


“Do you think you’re crazy?” Dr. Irons asked for the third time.

It wasn’t a question someone like Jude Foster could answer with ease. Such questions simply wouldn’t permit an effortless yes or no. They came only with prerequisites, like “I don’t think I’m crazy, but if you keep asking me, we’re gonna have some problems,” or “Damn it, I’ve already told you what I thought.” Either way, Jude wasn’t in the mood for embellishing on his sad little story yet again. But, as always, the old doctor couldn’t stop himself from taking that meddling crowbar of his and prying Jude open like a reluctant wooden coffin. Sure, Jude tried hard as hell to forget about the night he almost died, but feelings of betrayal don’t willfully vacate merely because they were asked to leave. Dr. Irons filled his head with “all in good time” that “in time” meant absolutely nothing. But, like all things in his life, Jude buried the memories and the hurt in the farthest parts of himself so that not even he could exhume them. The medication wasn’t doing much either. All they left behind to show that they were even there in the first place were droopy black pools shadowed beneath his condescending eyes. Insomnia had certainly taken its toll…perhaps a small price to pay for a life full of mistakes.

“I told you I didn’t want to come today,” Jude began, “but I dragged myself out of bed because I have no choice. I’m not here for me; I’m here out of obligation.”

“You’re right. But your obligation to the commissioner is equally as relevant as your obligation to yourself. Not to mention I’m doing Chief Mike Harrison a favor.”

Jude was taken aback. He’d never heard a shrink say that one before.

“Although your psyche has become beaten and broken, it can be healed.” A long pause. “In time.”

There it was again. The phrase Jude loathed every bit as much as he loathed green beans or weekday mornings.

Jude rolled his eyes and cracked his spine. His narrow back tapered upward in a V-line toward his much thinner neck, and eventually formed his jaw-line. His face, and every crease in it, was like a page, read and re-read by hundreds of people, but not one could decipher what went on inside of him. His seemingly misguiding features were offset by two arctic eyes, brown in the sunlight, but gray at the core. He’d gotten away with being Hugh Jackman now and then, as long as most kept their distance. He didn’t exactly come across with the same starstudded charisma or finesse. As he smoothed his dark hair, he felt his eyes linger onto anything but the gargoyle in front of him.

“I hate it here. I hate talking to you.” Jude couldn’t even hear himself anymore. It was like a silent film he couldn’t get out of. The old black and whites his teacher forced down his throat when he was in eleventh grade, the films with Chaplin and others he never cared to remember. He was a prisoner locked in this cell, and the gatekeeper had no intention of letting him out.

“You don’t hate it here, Jude. I’m trying to help you get your life back, and you’re almost there. Now, I know it seems odd for me to keep asking you this, but do you believe you’re crazy?”


Thanks for taking the time to read Estevan’s excerpt.

Also – thanks to all of you who have entered the various blog contests! The winners are:

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17 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday Redux – Estevan Vega”

  1. Hey Estevan, Congrats on The Sacred Sin! Intriguing excerpt-dark and edgy. I like it a lot! Much luck to you with your writing career. Best, Kathy

  2. I am so thankful to everyone who stopped by this blog during the tour. Your encouragement and appreciation for my writing really blessed me. All the best, Caridad. 😆

  3. Estevan,

    A reader can always tell when they are going to like or dislike a character. It’s what makes writing so interesting. The pacing of your excerpt is gripping and had my attention from the beginning.
    Keep up this most excellent work.

  4. It seems a lot of people are impressed with my publishing at such a young age. Thank you all for your encouraging remarks. I so appreciate them. Funny story: When my first book came out (Servant of the Realm), there was a kid in my neighboring town. We went to different schools, and I never met the kid. But we came out with books at the same time. We were both featured in a major local paper in the same story…it was pretty cool. Do you guys have any interesting writing stories, or know of anyone who has achieved success (dare I say?) early, literary or otherwise? 💡

  5. Estevan, what a compelling excerpt! Thanks for sharing it with us today, and best of luck in your writing career. I’m going to enjoy watching you shoot to the top.

  6. Gripping! You pulled me right into Jude’s world. I need to know what happened that almost ended his life, how he got where he is, and most of all where’s Jude going from here?

    Remarkable ablility for a man so young. I wish you the best with your writing career.

  7. I enjoyed the excerpt very much. I can see that this is a book I would enjoy so consider me a new fan. Congrats on your early success and continued success in your writing. Have a great day and hugs to all.

  8. This is a fabulous excerpt. I am always in awe of an author who can so effortlessly blend atmosphere, humor and characterization into such a short section. I immediately had a great sense of Jude’s current situation, and how he feels about it and everyone around him. Likewise you created a terrific sense of razor’s edge suspense – how crazy is Jude, if he’s crazy? What is going on that has landed him here? And is it just me, or does the Dr. seem slightly sinister…I love dark stories with a humorous slant and this looks to be something I could really sink my teeth into. Such evocative work! I’m glad I had the chance to read this. Good luck with what is obviously going to be a great book and career.

  9. Wow! I’m so impressed with both your writing, and your early success! Good luck with this. I have a feeling we will be seeing your name often in the future.

  10. Some dark secrets indeed. But…then again, don’t we all? Everyone’s got demons. That’s what made this book so much fun! 😈

  11. Hey Estevan – good luck with your writing career. Starting early gives you a long and bright future ahead.

    Sounds like Jude has some secrets!!

  12. There’s plenty more than just that one question for Jude Foster. Insanity isn’t even the half of it.

  13. Looks like a great read. And Estevan you are such an inspiration to be published at such a young age! But just reading the excerpt I can see you have talent.
    What happens next? Is Jude really crazy? I’m going to have to buy this book!

  14. Hi, Estevan Vega here. So excited to be with you all for this part of the blog tour. If anyone feels like asking me a question or commenting, I’d love to hear from you and will get back to you.

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