Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chace Crawford

Courtesy TV Guide and courtesy Giovanni Rufino/The CW - Used under Fair Use ProvisionsSo I’ve been wondering who beat out Zac Efron (one of my too young guilty pleasures) for the lead role in the remake of FOOTLOOSE. Turns out the lead will be played by GOSSIP GIRL actor Chace Crawford.

I had heard the buzz about Chace and checked him out and wow! Here he is today as this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure. Chace is a such a cutie. No wonder PEOPLE magazine picked him as one of the hottest bachelors.

I may just have to give GOSSIP GIRL a try.

On another note, thanks to all who left comments for our guest bloggers. The lucky winner is Theresa N. Please send your postal address to cpsromance @ so I can get you your prize.

Finally, one of the things we’re thinking about doing on the new website is having a wider look. I’ve made the blog wider as a test. Can you read it all? Do you find this size font easier on the eyes? Inquiring minds want to know.

0 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chace Crawford”

  1. I like the wider look, too. And Gossip Girl had been my guilty pleasure, so I’m not surprised about the choide for the re-make of Footloose.

  2. My tired old eyes really like the wider look. I really don’t like the black on red at the beginning though because I can’t read anything. I am always delighted when the color changes to black on white!

  3. Congratulations on the win Theresa N. Sorry but I don’t watch Gossip Girls but I agree the actor in the picture is a cutie.

    YES I love the new look on your blog. It is so much easier on these tired old eyes to read 😆 .

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Congrats Theresa N. on your win! 😀
    This actor is unknown to me… never watched GOSSIP GIRL…
    Having no trouble reading your post this way! 😀

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