Thoughtful Thursday – The Power of Words

wordsAs a writer and then an attorney, I’ve learned the power of words.

If I want you to think someone is smart, I’ll call a change in opinion a “tactical shift.”

If I want you to think someone is stupid, I’ll call it a “flip-flop.”

As an attorney and writer, it’s my job to pick the words that are best suited for painting the picture I wish for the reader to see.

Not so if I were a journalist. As a journalist, my job is to impart an objective and neutral report and so it’s possible that neither “tactical shift” nor “flip-flop” would be appropriate in a news story. A “change of opinion”, however, would certainly describe the same kind of action in a neutral and objective way.

Just some thoughts for you this Thursday on the power of words.

0 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – The Power of Words”

  1. As my grandpappy once said, “If you say you love or hate everything, what words do you have when you really do love or hate something?” We need a variety of words to show the depth of the emotion.
    ps I hate that black on red! :>)

  2. Why can’t we just say what we mean?
    Why do we have to invent catch-phrases and newspeak and BS to make easy things simple to understand?

    Just thinkin’ it would be easier if we all spoke the same language….

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