Jose Cuervo Smoothies

SmoothieI was in Costco last weekend and came across Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margarita mix. Yum. The only thing tastier is a mango margarita, but I’m not sure that flavor is popular enough to merit a mix.

But, I love strawberry margaritas and even better – It’s delicious as just a smoothie! Add a banana or some other fresh fruit or even some fruit sorbet to kick your smoothie up a notch.

I haven’t tried adding a low fat yogurt or ice cream for a creamy smoothie, but I think I’ll give that a shot this weekend when I have some friends over.

For more great Jose Cuervo products and recipes, you can visit

**Disclaimer: In my other life, Jose Cuervo is a client, but I’m offering you this Tuesday Tip because it’s an awfully good mix!

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  1. OMG, there is NOTHING I love better in the summer than to sit by the pool, relax and sip me some Strawberry Cuervo Margaritas. Only strawberry….I love them!!
    You just brought this craving to life, Caridad, lol. Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  2. If it says “Jose Cuervo” it has to be good. I have never found a bad product from them. Enjoy your week-end and hugs to all. P.S. I have been out of town for a ahile. I caught up on all the ppsts and wish I could have commented on some of them. They were excellent. Cheers!!!

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