Guilty Pleasures Monday – Rob Lowe

Photo by Alan LightI was busy writing yesterday morning, trying to get a bunch of pages done in anticipation of writing time lost at the upcoming RWA National conference, I ended up watching ST. ELMO’S FIRE while I was writing. I was like, wow, that Rob Lowe was a cutie, but then quickly amended to “is a cutie.”

So, this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure is Rob Lowe who is aging marvelously and still totally good looking.

Look for a Tuesday Tip, but then a break on Wednesday since that is our travel day down to Washington, D.C. for the conference. I’ll be snapping away from pictures for you on Wednesday and will try and get them posted for you on Thursday!

0 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Rob Lowe”

  1. Holy crap, I missed this yesterday, Caridad!!
    I LOVE me some Rob Lowe. I’ve been a fan of him since my teens. I used to be SO jealous of Melissa Sue Gilbert when she dated him, lol.

    Have a blast at RWA!!!

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