RWA First Day!

The caravan from NJ started at 7:30 when my buddy Lois Winston came to my house. Headed down to South Jersey and changed cars to go with Rayna Vause and Melinda Cooke, two other writing buddies from Liberty States.

Made it to DC without any problems at lunch hour and started working. Had to get changed in the bathroom because the room wasn’t ready, but what the heck!

Went to a great booksellers/librarians event where I met some old friends and made new ones. It was also great to see some of my author buddies there, like Kimberly Raye Terry (check her out in this month’s Cosmo), Sue Krinard, Berta Platas, Anna Destefano, Amanda McIntyre and so many others!

Then a quick break before heading off to the Literacy Signing. It was sooo amazing to see that many authors in one spot. You could feel the energy. I was sitting by my pals Berta Platas, Barbara Pierce and Andrea Pickens. Always nice to see them as well as Allie Pleiter. We’ve been sitting together for years now at the signings.

Then it was off to the first ever RWA gathering of the Liberty States Fiction Writers. It was so nice to have both local and long distance members sit down and share meal, be able to chat about all kinds of things.

Finally, sleep. So tired after all the running around.

If you want to check out photos from the first day, please click on this link!

More for you tomorrow!