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SINS OF THE FLESH - October 27 2009We’ve talked before about what authors should think about doing to promote their books. In case you missed those blogs, here are some links to the prior discussions:

Right now, with the release of SINS OF THE FLESH just over two months away, I’m in the trenches promo-wise, gearing up for that last big push to get the word out about the book. By now, I’ve coordinated with the publisher the things that both of us will be doing so as to not duplicate efforts. I’ve already reached out to people about doing guest blogs and am finalizing dates for some of the visits as well as arranging some key booksignings. I’ve also planned to attend conferences close to the release date, like DragonCon and Moonlight & Magnolias.

Both of these conferences happen to be in Atlanta, but target different audiences. DragonCon is totally for the paranormal crowd while Moonlight & Magnolias is more for romance writers and readers.

Which I guess leads to another tip – don’t limit your market! There are lots of different spins that you can put on the same novel in order to reach all kinds of readers. Think out-of-box and target several different markets through things like blog tours, conferences, book signings and even advertising.

What else is being put into place in these final months? Videos, podcasts, book signings, e-mails. Getting out there to share the word about your book is key, both in person and on the Internet. Make sure your website is updated about the release as well as any social media sites you may have.

When it comes to the e-mails, podcasts and video trailers – time them to be effective. Release them too soon and they lose their impact. Wait until the book is almost on the shelves for the most effective use of these two promotional tools.

Check out the schedule below for where I’ll be doing some promotions. I love meeting fans face-to-face and also online. I will be updating the calendar with new events regularly so you can check here or also visit the Meet Me section at for a listing of events.

4 thoughts on “Promo in the Trenches”

  1. October seems so far away, I can’t stand it, I’m so looking forward to ur release of “Sins” of the Flesh.

  2. Good points. I’ve made some mistakes early on with promo. Now that my books are coming out I realize what needed to be different. If you need any more internet time, my blog is always open for ya, Caridad. Just let me know. If you ever make it to LA for a signing… I’ll be first in line. *grin

  3. Looks like you are going to be one busy lady. How are you going to fit any work into that schedule? Good luck and safe travel to all those places. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to promote a new book. Sounds like you are on top of everything though. I am going to be in your area Aug. 30 thru Sept.5 but you are going to be in Atlanta so I guess I won’t get to see you. Maybe next trip. Have a great day and hugs.

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