DragonCon 2009 Last Day

The last day of DragonCon is daunting. Only the strong have managed to make it this far after all the days of running around heading to panels and enjoying the various parties for the attendees.

I’ve been busy at the booth in between walkarounds to check out all the costumes. The last day was mostly in the booth besides a nice panel with some science fiction writers. We talked about staying afloat in publishing and it was an interesting discussion.

Afterward, back to the booth to knock it down and give away all the last of the goodies. We even signed and gave away all the banners and posters we had.

Today it’s just a few hours of resting and checking e-mails before heading back home and to work tomorrow.

Sharing the last few photos with you. As you can gather, not as many since many people were leaving and I was busy at the booth. But the fun part of the day was getting to meet Dave Tango from Ghosthunters. He was really nice and we had a talk about some “spirit orbs” I’ll show you on another day!

5 thoughts on “DragonCon 2009 Last Day”

  1. OMG!
    How utterly, utterly cool!

    Tango is the one Steve plays tricks on all the time. Poor guy. Some day he’s gonna get back at him and I hope it involves a spider. heh heh

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I never miss Ghosthunters so I would loved to have met Dave. My daughter saw all of them in NC a year or so back. She said they were all very nice. She is the one who turned me on to them. I had a fun trip to NY but it’s nice to be home. Have a great day and hugs to all.

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