Wicked Wednesday Wicked Tired

I hope you’ll excuse me today, but I just got back yesterday and am wicked tired on this wicked wednesday. So, no hunks for you! LOL!

I do have some fun stuff for you today since it’s a very special Wicked Wednesday, namely 09/09/09. What’s the significance of that – just check out this article:

Why 09/09/09 is Special.

So is 9 lucky as for the Chinese or unlucky as for the Japanese? Since I’m sending in a manuscript today to one of my editors, I hope it’s very lucky.

Also, stop by on Friday for a visit with my very special friend Shobhan Bantwal who is going to share a special Fashion Friday with us. Please also remember that Friday is the anniversary of September 11. Please fly the flag in remembrance of those who perished on that day and in honor of all our soldiers and their families who sacrifice daily for our Liberty.