Guilty Pleasure Monday – Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez of the New York JetsAfter spending a night watching some football, I decided to share with you this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure – Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets. Mark was the quarterback at USC and now is the starting quarterback for the Jets. He was born and raised in Southern California and was picked as the 2009 Rose Bowl MVP. I root for both the Jets and Giants and hope they have a nice season!

Are you a football fan? Who do you root for?

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Mark Sanchez”

  1. I like to watch football and baseball and I guess Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite with Tennessee Titans a close number 2. I can read and watch football at the same time.I am so proud to be a multitasked person. ha 🙂 🙄 Hope you have a good day and thanks for letting me blog with you today. susan L>

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