Guilty Pleasures Monday – Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Copyright USA Network Used under Fair Use ProvisionsToday’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is cutie Matt Bomer from the new USA Network series WHITE COLLAR. In the series, which airs on Fridays at 10 pm starting on October 23, Matt plays a con artist who teams up with an FBI Agent. Why? In exchange for Matt’s con artist expertise, the FBI agent will help the con artist gain his eventual freedom from prison.

Sounds like an interesting premise.

If Matt looks familiar to you, as he did to me, it’s because he’s done stints on CHUCK (as Chuck’s old college buddy who implants Chuck with the super-computer in his brain).

Looking forward to checking out Matt in this new series. Are you?

5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Matt Bomer”

  1. I’m looking to the series, too. I’ve seen the trailer, and the premise looks mighty intriguing. Who knows, it might become my favorite after Burn Notice and NCIS!

  2. Be still my heart..what beautiful eyes. I think he is looking right at me. 😳 I hope things are going well and everyone have a great day. susan L.

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